Disney's Mickey Mouse Jelly Belly Dispenser

Five Stars, July 18, 2014
Can't keep my 40 something wife out of it.

Five Stars, July 15, 2014
It is easy to use it. My grandson loves it. You can insert diffrent types of small candies/jelly

Five Stars, July 15, 2014
Fun and you can use various kinds of candies.

Very Tiny, June 8, 2014
It's super, super tiny!!...I was expecting a way bigger one cause the picture looks like a regular size Jelly Belly Dispenser and what I received is not the size in the picture!!

Fun gift, April 16, 2014
My son loves Mickey Mouse so this was perfect for him on Valentine's day. We have since used other items in it to play so it isn't always candy.

Mickey, April 11, 2014
It was good but the item is built cheaply but for a jelly belly Micky mouse, my wife's two favorite things together it was nice.

We have ears.....so say "Cheers"!, March 17, 2014
What a wonderfully made and great looking Mickey item......an item that my little 4 year old loves to death. He is fascinated by candy machines like this anyway, but when he pulled it out of his birthday bag.....WHAM!!!!! If your kids love Mickey, you just have to get one of these!

met all expectations, March 10, 2014
It's large and cool looking. Holds a lot of jelly beans. Only down side was it only came with 10 or so jelly beans. Great for Disney fans.

cleaning problem, March 4, 2014
It is not possible to remove the globe for initial cleaning, therefore this item is unusable.
I will use it for a novelty item on a shelf.

Too Cute!, February 21, 2014
Totally cute!!! The bad thing is, now I'll have to buy Jelly Bellys - goodbye diet, but seriously, this is really cute and I love the way Mickey Mouse has a vintage look to him.