Zagarese 100% Organic Licorice, Original, 0.88 Ounce Flip Top Box

Aweful..., June 19, 2014
I Spit it out. There may be people out there who can tolerate these but I am not one of them.

Licorice for Hard Core Fans -- READ THE REVIEWS, May 29, 2014
Yes, this is a small box with a lot of hard, tic-tac sized pieces. But if you are a hard core licorice fan (as I am) you will be instantly hooked. Each one of those tiny pieces lasts a long time when you allow it to dissolve in your mouth and the flavor stays with you even when the piece is gone. There's no extra junk in these, just the pure flavor.

If your idea of black licorice/anise candy is a big old chewy rope, then look elsewhere. If you are jonesing for a strong hit of licorice that takes no prisoners, you need this stuff --- order right now. I eat at the most two pieces a day, so this tiny box will last me a while. But when it is gone, I will be back for more!

Like, April 17, 2014
It is hard to find licorice that is sugar free and doesn't give unwanted physical effects. One or two will last for quite a while therefore the container of licorice lasts longer.

A very tasty licorice with health benefits are quick and apparent., March 20, 2014
Just wanted to add another five star to the list of five stars for this licorice. If you are aware of the health benefits of licorice and looking for a treat like supplement then here is a great tasting licorice. Please note this is a tiny box and the pieces are very small as well, but you only need one hard tic-tac size drop to take care of your needs. I also like that it is just licorice root and nothing else. Easy five star just wish it was cheaper.

I like real licorice, March 12, 2014
This is too salty. Not good. It has a lead flavor to it. I just thought it was terrible. It is very over priced.

one box, not a 6-pack $$, January 16, 2014
This is a great product that I use often. It was my bad thinking I was getting a 6-pack. Pricey $$$ per box. I'll buy locally.

perfect hard 'candy', November 12, 2013
I grew up _HATING_ black licorice, but after brushing with fennel toothpaste for a few years, I found out I had grown to like it. These have a great _natural_ licorice flavor with nothing extra added. Wonderful for the stomach and great alternative to mints, particularly with the junk those seem to always have in them. Will keep buying these!

Strong, intense licorice flavor, August 30, 2013
These are my favorite licorice candy. Very strong, intense licorice flavor. I recommend keeping the extra boxes in a ziplock even though the individual boxes are in plastic packaging because the packaging isn't sealed very well and can cause them to dry out a bit.

Good & Good For You, May 18, 2013
I learned black licorice made in the USA is only allowed to be made with anise because real licorice root (& licorice root extract) is considered a medicinal ingredient. I learned this from a doctor I trusted who had researched this & told me licorice made from licorice root aids in digestion & reduces body aches & pains, & that authentic Italian licorice was an especially good type to use. This Italian Zagarese has one ingredient only: 100% organic licorice root extract. The small pocket/purse -sized box says it contains appx. 100 tiny licorice pellets, which are perfectly proportioned for the puch they pack. I love the taste of black licorice & found my first pellet to taste very strong, but even the bitterness contains that great licorice taste & therefore satisfies me. The second pellet tasted far less bitter & pretty enjoyable to me, & now I occasionally slip a Zagarese pellet in between bites when eating regular black licorice which easily disguises any slight bitterness of the pellet. As for health matters, I am still starting on my first box of Zagarese & find each pellet soothing but won't know more until l've used it longer.

Pricy but worth it, February 13, 2013
If you like real black licorice you will love this
product. It has no sugar and is 100% pure
licorice. soothing and helps with digestion
process. nice taste