Grace's Irish Shortbread

Grace's Irish Shortbread

Product Description

Handmade in Ireland using the world renowned Ballyrashane Irish Butter. The creamy buttery flavour is fused with a natural sweetness to provide a melt in the mouth taste sensation.

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EXCELLENT, July 31, 2014

Amazing, March 17, 2014
The BEST store bought short bread I've ever had; they melt in your mouth and not too sweet. The problem is every box I've purchased, over half are broken with pieces no bigger than dime size. I don't mind eating a broken cookie, but I can really put them out for guests who stop by for coffee/tea. I hope they can remedy this problem, without changing the recipe.

BTW, I've always purchase these from World Market, not Amazon.

Buttery and sweet! Melts in your mouth, January 16, 2014
Delicious cookies. Very rich-can't eat too many at a time. A bit crumbly-fell apart but a delightful, tasty, tea time treat!

could improve packaging, November 6, 2013
Had these cookies in I've ever tasted! However, they didn't travel well...were all crumbs! I think improved packaging would help.

Product delicious! Shipping shoddy, October 26, 2013
The sole reason this product did not receive it's full 5 stars is because the seller doesnt know how to ship. I know these cookies are delish because I had recieved a box from my aunt, who bought them at a store. My boss had bought 4 boxes of these cookies from this seller, they arrived in a plain box without any packing material. All 4 boxes were nothing but crumbs, unedible. She contacted the seller and told them the problem. They sent out 4 new boxes of cookies, which arrived in a plain box with NO packing material AGAIN, once again they were crumbs. We gave up. If you can find these cookies from another seller, go for it - they are buttery and not too sweet - just right for midmorning snack with a cup of tea..