Eight O'Clock 50% Decaf Whole Bean Coffee, 36-Ounce

Best of both worlds, October 26, 2014
Best of both worlds - decaf and regular. Can't find decaf whole beans in our grocery stores any more and we don't care for the flavor of what the specialty food markets sell. We used to drink Eight O'Clock decaf whole bean but prefer the flavor of the 50%. Even our 20-something granddaughter likes it - once I got her to try it. Smooth, no bitterness.

Appreciate the half-caf option, but lots of broken beans ..., October 14, 2014
Appreciate the half-caf option, but lots of broken beans and coffee "dust" at the bottom. Also, coffee seems a bit on the bitter side.

Great Half-Caff, September 21, 2014
Finally a good tasting half-caff! Making this in a French Press coffee maker and very happy with this blend.

Our favorite coffee. Even works well in our stovetop italian ..., September 14, 2014
Our favorite coffee. Even works well in our stovetop italian coffee maker

glad to have found it, August 26, 2014
have been looking for this for a while.glad to have found it again

This is a great tasting coffee, August 15, 2014
This is a great tasting coffee. I enjoy drinking several cups of coffee. This coffee allows me to drink as much coffee as I like without getting too much caffeine.

Great Coffee Beans!, July 3, 2014
I have gradually been decreasing my caffeine consumption. I grind these beans, adding some 100% decaf beans. Tastes great and I am always pleased with this brand.

My daily coffee. Pretty good with right amount of caffeine., July 2, 2014
Been cutting back on caffeine because been getting the amped up zing caffeine high and then crashing. So, this 50/50 is a great balance and more even. Taste is pretty good but definitely not gonna win any awards among the coffee connoisseurs. Not a strong coffee.

Great Coffee, May 13, 2014
We have been mixing Eight O'Clock regular and decaf coffee beans for years and were excited to find a ready-made mx on the shelves. Shortly after we started buying it, it was discontinued in the stores. I was thrilled to find it on line and now order it monthly. Love this coffee!

Great tasting coffee, April 29, 2014
My dad had to give up caffinated coffee for health reasons. He was told one cup a day. We ordered the 1/2 and 1\2 to try so he and mom could enjoy there 2 cups in the morning. It turns out we all liked it. Would recommend.