Kirkland Signature chicken breast, packed in water, premium chunk, 6 12.5-ounce cans

One Star, October 11, 2014
just dont get it

Yum... chicken., October 7, 2014

Love this product, October 6, 2014
Love this product!

Nice to keep on hand for quick meals., September 28, 2014
These are super to have in the pantry. We use this chicken in noodle dishes, like Hamburger Helper, for a change of pace. They work well for quick chicken & noodles, or chicken soup. The chicken tastes great, too.

Great for quick chicken salad sandwiches or to pump up canned soups with white meat protein, September 12, 2014
Good canned chicken. I used to buy Valley Fresh (regular and organic white) and liked it fine. But honestly, I like this one better. Slightly less "tuna fishy" (why does canned chicken often taste tuna fishy?) Great for a fast chicken salad lunch. These cans are a large size, so you get two moderate sub sandwich servings (enough for two folks if you don't overstuff. I use the gluten free Schar sub bread, and get two sandwiches out of one can.

There's always a risk (often a rish) of messed up cans when ordering via online, but I'm willing to risk it again. I like this offering.

Yum, September 1, 2014

Five Stars, August 21, 2014
Excellent product...

Great go to item, August 18, 2014
Great quality of chicken and I purchase this brand often. Perfect to have on hand if you forget to defrost meat and want to make a nice meal.

Dented cans double the price., August 17, 2014
Just took delivery of six cans shrink wrapped as pictured, and three of the cans had sizable dents in them. The dents were not all in the same place, so I think they were dented before they were stacked and shrink-wrapped. Dented cans are a health risk, so this effectively doubled the price. Very disappointed.

but tasted better after a good drain and rinsing, August 16, 2014
Again, very salty, but tasted better after a good drain and rinsing.