Kirkland Signature chicken breast, packed in water, premium chunk, 6 12.5-ounce cans

Not what expected, November 30, 2014
Received defective cans. They were dented and chicken spoiled.

One Star, November 28, 2014
cans were all dented but one.

Five Stars, November 24, 2014

seem very good stuff to them, November 23, 2014
I feed these to my cats...seem very good stuff to them. I am not a meat eater...but cats are I try to give them as high a quality of food they would naturally eat...grain free of course.

Four Stars, November 23, 2014
tastes good, but a bit pricey

Tastest Like ... Tuna?!?!, November 21, 2014
I bought this 6-pack of canned chicken at Costco - but it is the exact same product as here on Amazon so the review is pertinent (I hope!) One of the reasons I am trying this out is as a replacement for canned tuna - which unfortunately nowadays can be a bit of a health concern due to mercury content - most specifically for children and pregnant women. Although as an adult male I am neither of those I choose not to buy canned tuna anymore not only due to concerns with side effects of mercury contained in white *and* even light tuna but due to overfishing of tuna and also not wanting to seem to support the distribution of a food that can harm humans (even if it may have less effect on me.)

But I digress - about the Kirkland Signature chicken breast itself.

It is not bad tasting, although a bit on the salty side. The texture is soft and flaky - quite like canned tuna in fact! It is not as quite as salty as tuna tends to be and not as 'fishy' but the overall texture and even a bit of the flavor reminded me constantly of tuna while I was eating it - either in soups, salads or as part of a quick on-the-go sandwich with some mayo and a bit of hot sauce to liven it up a bit.

So the six cans I had reminded me of eating a sort of bland tuna, again not bad tasting as stated earlier. And although it lacked any of the foxy or steely taste of mediocre canned meats it still didn't remind me of the taste of chicken breast either. In the end I think canning itself may well have to do with the overall tastes of even good quality tuna and good quality chicken with a sort 'blanding' of any flavor possibly occurring during the process of preparing and sealing the food in a metal container.

I would like to give this a 3.5 star rating due to the lack of real chicken taste but I also think it is a great alternative to tuna (again especially for those with young families in particular) so a 4 star rating is fine with me as well.

Dog food for human's, November 12, 2014
Dog food for human's

Surprisingly Tasty., November 4, 2014
I was leery of buying this item but it turned out my concern was unnecessary.
I wanted it for chicken salad sandwiches. I add finely chopped celery and a
small amount of scallions. Moisten with just enough Best Food mayo - a dash of lemon
pepper - and it is delicious. I have not used it for anything else but it is high quality for a canned
meat product.

Five Stars, November 4, 2014
barney loves this

Gift, October 30, 2014
I ordered this for my son and he is quite pleased.