Maseca Corn Masa for Tamales, 4.4 pounds

High quality product !, February 22, 2014
Very good product. Arrived quickly. Very tastey product indeed. This makes great tamales. It seems fresh, unlike some others I"ve tried.

Love it., January 7, 2014
This is the second time I've ordered this item and its because its great. I really recommend it to anyone.

Great deal, January 15, 2013
We got this to make pupusa's. They turned out wonderful using this corn flour. Next up is tamales! Wish us luck!

Best for making tamales., May 14, 2011
This bag came in perfect condition and allowed me to make roughly 90 tamales. It comes with instructions in both English and Spanish. Whenever I make tamales I'll definitely buy from here.

Gluten-free!, December 4, 2008
This is a really good, really cheap gluten free corn flour. You can't use it to make polenta--that's corn meal, not corn flour. However, you can make skillet corn bread with this (put masa harina corn bread into Google, and it will pull up a couple of recipes--they also call for wheat flour, so substitute northern bean or white rice flour and a tsp of guar gum per cup of flour.)

If you're new to cooking gluten-free, watch out for cross-contaminated brands. This one is safe, because corn is the only thing they mill. It also says, "Gluten free" on the package. And, best of all, it's about a dollar a pound. (Brown rice flour costs twice that much.)